Thank you for your interest in 5pillarbracelets! I want to tell you a little about 5pillarbracelets and what we’re about…. First, you might be wondering….what exactly is the definition of a pillar?

Definitions of a Pillar:

  • It is a person or thing with strong character regarded as reliably providing essential support.
  • It is an important idea, principle, or belief.
  • It is someone or something that is important and respected.

For the first definition of a pillar, as I look back over my short existence on this earth, I realize how much I have enjoyed being a pillar to my family. As they grow and mature, I also realize that they don’t need me to stand over them every step of the way. Now, my position has become a permanent pillar in their hearts that help guide them through their own journeys.

For the second definition of a pillar, at the beginning stages of 5pillarbracelets, I tried to concentrate on an important idea, principle, or belief that gave me long-lasting encouragement, things most important in my life that help keep me grounded. I asked myself, “How can I do this in a creative way?” “What are the parts of my life that give me strength?” “What are the things in my life that I hold onto that no one can take away?”

For the last definition of a pillar, as a retired veteran, I have been spending more time focusing on myself, learning more about who I am as a person and finding ways to give back to my community to show my gratitude. In doing that, I began reflecting on my mother’s free spirit as I was growing up. She continues to display that same spirit even as she deals with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. I remember how creative, artistic, and positive she was and still is, in spite of her condition. Then I realized … her spirit lives in me.

After going through all these reflections, and getting in tune with my spiritual truths, one day I decided to make a bracelet to help me focus and remain in the moment. While I was asleep that night, five truths came to me and I wrote them down immediately. The five aspects in my life that give me strength daily: Spirituality, each one of my (5) children, the search for the unknown things that interest me, my personality, and my dreams.

That is the day 5pillarbracelets was born.

As a hobby, I started to make bracelets for other people, to encourage mindfulness and summons the strength of truths that are important to anyone who dares to wear a 5pillarbracelet. Now, I make them for you.

The bracelets are a creative way to display those important things in life that keep us grounded. The bracelet you see above is one of the first I ever created. The 5 stones represented those 5 important aspects of my life (pillars) that I wrote down that night. The red tips represented the blood and sweat it was going to take to become who I truly wanted to be and the warrior coin described the attitude I felt I needed to possess as I continued to grow mentally and spiritually.

My dream, also one of my 5 pillars, is that you use this piece of art to help you discover and reflect on the pillars in your life, and my hope is that this bracelet gives you long lasting encouragement.