• Add the listed bead price to your order
  • You’ll be able to adjust the bead quantity in your cart
  • Custom orders can take up to 3 weeks to process
  • We’ll ask you for your wrist size on the checkout page

Refer to the wrist sizes below to know how many beads you can choose
5.5 inch wrist = 16 beads
6.0 inch wrist = 18 beads
6.5 inch wrist = 20 beads
7.0 inch wrist = 22 beads
7.5 inch wrist = 24 beads
8.0 inch wrist = 26 beads
8.5 inch wrist = 28 beads
(+/-.5 inch is equal to 2-8mm beads)

Step 1: Select The Standard Bracelet

To begin creating your custom bracelet, click “Add to Cart” on the Standard Bracelet below.

Step 2: Choose Your Beads

Add the listed bead price to your order by clicking “Add To Cart”. You can adjust the number of beads you want by clicking here.

Step 3: Review Your Order

This button will take you to your cart. When you’re on the cart page, click the + and – buttons to edit bead quantities. Once you’ve edited the quantities, you’ll need to click the “Update Cart” button.